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“What the hell is a gay harem?” – the first thought that slipped through my head when I first came across this site. I was looking for some fresh gay porn site to start fapping frantically. But still, he got me interested and I spent a little time and went through a lot of “confirmations”. First I had to confirm that I was over 21, then to another page where I needed to confirm the collection of cookies, and a couple more confirmation pages to ensure that I was really ready to finally see what the fuck is the gay harem. After I clicked another “next”, I ran into something that enthralled me. Gayharem.com is your first adventure game for Yaoi and Bara lovers!

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What are Yaoi and Bara, you ask? These concepts come to us from the Japanese language. Bara is short for Barazoku. 16 years ago, Barazoku was an influential Japanese gay magazine. While Yaoi literally translates to “boy love”, it is more used as a name for the genre of fictional original media or text content, where there is an erotic connection between male characters.

Before continuing, I feel I should clarify what “harem” means so that you have a better understanding of what exactly this site is about. “Harem” is a genre in a manga (Japanese animated comics), along with anime, in which a typical, ordinary man who is not overtly sexy or handsome gets pleased by three or more women. These girls are often madly loved by other men, but they all fight for the attention and love of that typical man.

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He’s a damn lucky guy if you ask me! I would be incredibly happy if at least two girls fought for me. Or guys. I am full of love for everyone.

So, if we have a GAY HAREM, so we match the definition of a harem with a homosexual, and you will have 3 or even more homosexual men fighting over a normal homosexual man. By playing this game, you will find yourself in a crazy world where guys are crazy and will do anything to find some kind of cock activity. The idea behind the game is really simple. You can create your very own harem (or group) of hot, skinny, polished, hairy, or whatever heck of men and defeat your enemies in wild, frenzied, addictive sensual competitions.

Most adult games are aimed at satisfying adults with classic sexual orientation. However, as you may have guessed from the name of a particular game, the gay harem is meant to entertain people who are part of the gay community.

You will not find a single female character in Gay Harem; just guys, sex, seduction, and satisfaction. As part of our inspection of GayHarem.com, we’ll highlight important features of the game’s storyline and what exactly can your playable character do to climb to the top of the leaderboard.

GayHarem: where to start?

Even if you are in doubt if Gay Harem is right for you, you have a fantastic chance to play as a guest. Although most of the game’s features will not be available to you, at least you will have the opportunity to understand if you like the anime style in which the game is performed, its plot and gameplay.

When you’re ready to start playing fully, click the Subscribe button at the top left of the start page, then come up with a username, password, and email address, then join the club …
To enter the Gay Harem, click the “Login” button, it is located next to the “Subscribe” button. Offer your username and password and enjoy the game.

Gay Harem: What’s Inside?

After registering, you are taken to a web page with a so-called game card. On the page, you will see a cityscape with various playable locations. Depending on the location you choose to visit, you can get to:

Harem. This is the place where you can view the men belonging to the harem, evaluate any information about them, and also collect money from them.
Action board. There you can see and take part in daily tasks and competitions. Each action in which you participate and that you acquire brings you additional experience points, money or some kind of equipment, gifts, etc.
Market. To boost your celebrity status or make your men more influential, you can visit the market and buy different products. There you will find four shops that sell gear, boosters, novels, and gifts. Except for buying things on the current market, you can even view your stocks in this section. You can use it to improve your character or your people, or sell things to other players to make some money.
Arena. There, you can challenge other players to determine whose harem is stranger. You can choose from three competitions provided. The winner adds points to their score. Eighth and fourth wins give you the best gifts. When your number of wins reaches 16, you will receive 14,100 from sports money.
Clubs. Another place for entertainment is clubs. There you can chat online with all other players. But this attribute is only available to those who have at least 15 men in their harem.
Tower of Glory. To track your status on the leaderboard and see your competitors’ points, you need to visit the Tower of Fame. There you can also see the names of existing clubs and combine them if all requirements have been met.
Adventures. Going out for experiences, you leave your city and go to another place where you need to watch hentai tales in order to acquire new men for your harem.

Design and Navigation of Gay Harem Porn Game

Gay harem is similar to Japanese graphic novels – manga. All characters are drawn and their dialogue is written at the bottom of the web page, so you don’t get modern renderings in the match. To stimulate the plot of the comics, the locations (both names and designs) are depicted in early Japanese style.

In addition to the matching page, there is a line that can help you keep track of your experience level, your level in sports, your energy costs, fighting, your current amount of money, and kobans (gold coins in sports).

There is a submenu in the upper right corner. Using it, you can visit the character profile site, go to full-screen mode, change game settings, and log out.

The game is available in many languages. Upon registration, you will be automatically set to the language according to your location, however, you can change it in the settings.

Gay Harem: Try Or Not To Try?

Even if you haven’t played this type of game before, you won’t have a problem knowing what to do. This is because there is an accompanying person named Bunny who describes all the facts you want to know in order to use the game’s full potential. He will guide you step by step through all the areas indicated on the city map and tell you what you can do this or there.

The game currently features HD animation, but the dicks, balls, and bodies seem so realistic that anyone can get a boner while enjoying the game. I suspect this is what makes the game so damn addictive. You will be able to enjoy a lot of obscene content (aren’t you relieved because a lot of Japanese pornography is censored?). While playing, if you find other really tough guys, you can really try to recruit them into the group and increase the size of your harem. If you have more people in your group, you can grow your hero and convince him to become very strong, so that in the end he becomes invincible.

Gay Harem is an online multiplayer game, so don’t worry, you will never get tired of playing it. You will always find new friends (or new enemies, depending on how good you are). Each of the characters featured in the gay harem has its own characteristics with an insane variety of manga parodies and disgusting, gruesome content. You will have experience in this game in which you have to go on a journey from one world to another. There are tons of hot guys in every world. You will need to find a way to attract the sexiest guys to your word. Obviously, there will be restrictions, for example, you can have 18 contractions every day. This shouldn’t be a problem as it won’t stop you from conquering the crazy gay sex world.

How To Win Gay Harem? 

Your main goal in the game is to collect as many men in the harem and improve their skill level in order to be able to win daily battles and accumulate money in your accounts. So if you want to play with an intriguing gay sex match, Gay Harem is at your service.

The most important thing you need to know about this game is the way to gain sexual favor from the boys who enter your harem. If a boy enters your harem, you need to take good care of him by making sure he has enough gifts, publications, etc. If your son is happy, He will do you a lot of sexual favors. Keep in mind that the better you treat your boy, the more He will back down for you. Don’t worry, you have to choose how your boy looks like so you can completely immerse yourself in the fantasy on your own. What are you waiting for? Start building your harem today!

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