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Initially, GaysGoDating offers a modern and easy-to-use layout, but its variety of elements and attributes isn't always convincing. The cost of a Gays Go Dating membership is low, but the site is too similar to several other gay dating services and your chances of finding a spouse are slim.
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Mobile App
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Anti-Scam & User Safety
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Modern and efficient layout
Alternative payment options
Reliable website protection
A wide range of profiles
Availability of additional services
User-friendly interface and design
Moderators support in any situation
Registration for couples and bisexuals is prohibited
Perhaps not the largest community
Some messages and users are questionable and seem to be bots
No mobile app
There are fee-based services
Limited access for free profiles
Strict requirements for the format of the photo
For men only

GaysGoDating: Editor’s View

GaysGoDating review will tell you all about all the characteristics and subtleties of this dating site, which was created specifically for gays to communicate freely and start romantic relationships. It is a really nice opportunity for representatives of non-traditional sexual orientations to meet their loved ones and start a family.

GaysGoDating – Logo

In society, members of sexual minorities are not free to meet on the streets or in cafes, as regular heterosexuals do. Gays are in constant danger of being exposed. Unfortunately, there is only false tolerance for such people. In reality, they fear for their lives and health. In today’s society, the humiliation of a person is simply unacceptable. Everyone has the right to choose, the right to love and be loved in the way he or she wants. Other GaysGoDating reviews confirm our words.

GaysGoDating – Main Page

This site is designed to create the most favorable conditions for dating gay men. It gives them a whole new breath of freedom, which they lack in real life. There are not many gay dating apps on the Internet, this is due to the fact that the topic of homosexuality is not particularly cultivated in society, many people still have strict and traditional views on family and relationships. But this site will be able to dispel stereotypes that limit men in search of their personal happiness. 

How to Sign Up GaysGoDating

In order to make a GaysGoDating login, you need to register first. The scheme for creating your profile is very simple and accessible. Everything happens according to the same principle as on other dating sites.

You specify your purpose for registering, for example, you specify that you are looking for a romantic relationship with another homosexual man. Next, you are asked for some personal information, your name, and your age.

GaysGoDating – Registration Process

We do not advise you to register under a different name and to lie about your age because it significantly reduces your rating and your chances of finding a partner.

Then you enter your e-mail address into the space provided and confirm the creation of your account. The final step is to create a password. As you can see, there is nothing supernatural about it and it requires no additional skills. 

Ways to Communicate with Other Users

The communication on the site is exactly the same as on many other dating sites, except that there is a gay chat room, which is essentially an ordinary place for a dialogue between two people, the only difference is that these people are homosexual men.

GaysGoDating – Chats

Here you can share photos and use emojis. If you like a certain man, you can add him as a favorite or like his picture. This is one of the most harmless and easy ways to express your interest and sympathy. If the feeling is mutual he’ll respond to you the same way or write you a personal message.

If you’re not happy with something on the site, you can arrange to get in touch on another messenger or social network. But remember that in this case, the site will not be responsible for your safety. 

Users Profiles on GaysGoDating

To make your profile interesting and attractive to other users, you need to add your photos in good quality. Provide basic information about yourself, if you want, you can add some facts about yourself or your biography.

GaysGoDating – Profile

Write about your hobbies, if you like traveling and discovering new places, share photos from places you’ve already visited. Tell about your favorite music or movies, because it’s a very cool plus if your partner will share your preferences.

In turn, look at other people’s profiles and analyze the information. From their descriptions, you can get a first impression of the person and see if it’s worth getting to know them. 

GaysGoDating Features

The peculiarity of this site is that it is exclusively for gays. To make it easier for them to find a partner and not have to think about whether the person they like is homosexual or heterosexual.

GaysGoDating – Mobile Version

Many men are aggressively anti-gay, and if they try to get to know them, they may even be violent. That’s why the developers decided to create such a unique site. Is GaysGoDating worth it? Of course, it is! It’s real salvation and a way out for men who are tired of fighting against eternal loneliness and discrimination.

Here gay men feel free and liberated because everything is designed to satisfy their needs and desires. You can hardly find such an elaborate and organized site on the Internet. 

Free GaysGoDating Opportunities

The opportunities lie in the fact that GaysGoDating users can freely get to know each other and exchange text messages. You can choose the parameters by which to search for a partner, up to his nationality and age.

In addition, there are many additional features that make your stay on this website much better and more interesting. 

gaysgodating filters and search
GaysGoDating – Filters and Search

GaysGoDating Premium Features

After purchasing a package with premium services, you get several benefits. First of all, you will be able to send an unlimited number of messages to an unlimited number of chats.

You’ll be able to see other users’ photos in full size, allowing you to see them in more detail. You will have 24/7 support from the site administration.

GaysGoDating – Users

You’ll be able to share photos and videos in chats, as well as advanced and specific search options. 

GaysGoDating Prices & Costs

The purchase of a premium package is possible for one week, one, and two months. The price for one week is 6.02 USD.

A month costs approximately 25.00 USD. Three months costs about 42.00 USD and can be divided into monthly installments of 13.80 USD. 

gaysgodating payment
GaysGoDating – Prices

User’s Data Safety & Anti-Scam on GaysGoDating

GaysGoDating dating site has its own way of protecting the personal data of its users and protecting them from scammers. First, all personal information is kept strictly within the site, no one can get it.

The site uses the latest developments in the field of software to secure personal data from unauthorized access. Moderators conduct a rigorous check of user profiles, which allows them to identify fake accounts and block scammers at an early stage. 

GaysGoDating FAQ

What should I do if someone complains about my profile?

First of all, don’t panic, it happens. Wait for the moderator’s reply, if there are no problems on your part, you will not be blocked. 

How can I change my personal information?

In order to do this, you need to go to the “settings” section and change the data in the spaces that you want. 

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