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So generally, Growlr gets more positive points, especially because both the negative ones are just technicalities. If you’re looking for a bear or you are a bear yourself, the answer to the question “Is Growlr worth it?” should probably be yes.
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There are a lot of free freatures
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Growlr: Editor’s View

If you are already into gay dating and are not a recently realized member of the community, you must be familiar with the term “bear”. It’s not a euphemism, but just a term for rather large and hairy gay men, so a bear is obviously an apparent nod to those men. They have their own community inside LGBT and are proud to present themselves as big protective partners for more tender ones. However, it’s definitely not exclusive and they match up between each other perfectly as well.

Growlr – Logo

So this community has its own dating app called Growlr. Most of its users are bears looking for a hookup or a relationship and the other part is those who are looking to find themselves a big nice bear. They do not judge, they’re proud to be themselves, and if you consider yourself to be one of them, then why are you not yet registered there? Here is a dig into the Internet’s largest dating community for bears, Glowlr.

How To Sign Up Growlr

While being an old-school service, unlike many fellow ones, Growlr is generally used as an app and does not have a website. It’s rather an advantage compared to those gay dating websites that do not have an app and miss out on a large portion of their potential audience.

So first, you need to download the app suitable for your mobile platform and complete the registration. It’s quite easy and similar to what you might have seen before. The app asks permission to view your location, then you specify your name, email, and password, your birth date is also required. Then there come the optional fields like location, work, height, weight, race, status, and sexual preferences. 

You can also upload a photo or a few (then only one of them will be public and the other become private) and you are good to go! If you choose not to do that, the system will politely ask you to review your decision as profiles without any pictures are generally less likely to get matches from other Growlr users.

Ways To Communicate With Other Users?

Once you are finished setting up your profile and allow the system to view your location, you’ll see all of the bears that live or have traveled near you. Because Growlr operates with in-built ads, you are free to chat with any of the people you like or even request a video call. You can also let them know that you want to meet up with them for one of the various purposes: from a casual encounter, drinks, a hike, even to marriage. 

Growlr – Messages

You can try the unique service’s option to “growl” at fellows with a short message to let them know you like them, and in any case, if you are too shy, they will see that you viewed their profile. However, pro’s advice: never really rely on that, because you might miss out on some really amazing people who would also be too reserved to start a conversation first.

Users Profiles On Growlr

The Growlr app allows you to see users’ first selected photos without going pro, however, their other photos are private and they might open them to you only per their own will. It works vice versa, of course, and you can even add a playful private video to your account, if you want to show a bit more of your personality.

Growlr – Profiles

There’s a lot of possibilities on Growlr as it’s designed to make your experience as joyful as possible and it shows. For example, there’s an option of unlocking your private media to all bears in a specific area. However, this is a premium feature and we’ll dive into that further.

Growlr Features

Growlr allows you to make your search for bears highly pleasant and even without paid options you can have plenty of fun with it. You can search for people who are nearby or globally and those who you have liked before.

Growlr – Shout Features

There’s always the possibility of going pro if you like it, however, this platform is one of the few that allow you an almost fully satisfying experience without paying anything and that is a huge advantage. It works almost like a normal social network with check-ins, video chats, messages, etc. You can block someone you don’t like or you can interact with a bear of your choice in one of the many ways that are offered.

Free Growlr Opportunities

Because of the platform’s dependence based mostly on ads, you can have a great experience for free, your messaging is unlimited, you can call someone through a video chat and you can view everyone’s public photo in full size. There’s advanced search too if you are looking for someone specific or just have preferences regarding looks or life positions.

Growlr – FAQ

You can play dating games and watch the streams that bears just love to launch. You can also be a streamer yourself, just remember that no nudity is allowed. You can check in bear-safe bars and clubs or other places for people to see and watch the others’ choices. In general, nothing stops you from having fun apart from the occasional ads.

Growlr Premium Features

Going PRO allows you to enhance your pleasant experience even more. You can browse anonymously, use FaceID for login and see more bears around you. You will also not have to see the ads that appear to the regular users.

Premium options are also a “SHOUT” that allows you to send a message that everyone in a selected area will see and a “FLASH” that opens up your private media to other bears also in the area of your choice. These can be purchased separately.

Growlr Prices And Costs

For a PRO account you would need to pay:

  • $9.99 per month if you choose a monthly plan
  • $8.00 per month if you choose a three-month plan ($23.99 in total)
  • $7.50 per month if you choose a six-month plan ($44.99 in total)
  • $6.00 per month if you choose a yearly plan ($71.99 in total)

“SHOUT” and “FLASH” both cost $4.99.

User’s Data Safety And Anti-Scam On Growlr

The app makes an impression of a service that cares about its users’ security, for example if your profile photo violates the community rules, it will get deleted in a matter of minutes. It definitely means that the support system works well and you can count on them doing the job well.

Growlr – Terms of use

There are a lot of ways to protect yourself, like blocking users whom you don’t like or reporting them if you see any terms violations. Growlr reviews are generally good and it does not have any occasions of data leaking.

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