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ManHunt: Editor’s View

In this ManHunt review, we are going to tell you about all characteristics of this wonderful dating app. This site was invented specifically to promote homosexual relationships and to affirm that gays also have the right to love and to express it openly.

This is the most realistic chance for sexual minorities to feel needed, wanted, and admired. Other ManHunt reviews say that this social app is so cool that other dating sites can’t match its inconvenience, accessibility, and quality. Of course, you can see for yourself.

ManHunt – Logo

The need for such gay spaces is due to the high level of aggression and negative and prejudice directed against them. This not only prevents men from finding love but also threatens their mental health and even their lives. The task of the experts who developed this platform is to prevent bullying and create a comfortable environment for communication. 

How to Sign Up ManHunt

In order to start using this site, you first need to download this application to your smartphone. Then you enter basic information about yourself, such as your name or nickname, age, country of residence, and e-mail address.

You can register by phone number, to which you will receive a confirmation code, after entering which you will get access. This process takes no more than five minutes, all built on the same system as in most dating sites and apps. You won’t have to wait a long time for profile confirmation or verification.

ManHunt – Login

Almost immediately you can start using and filling out your user account. In order to make a ManHunt log in, you need to remember or save your password. If you forget it or lose it, you will have to create a new one. Frequent password changes are not recommended, it can lead to unpleasant consequences. 

Ways to Communicate with Other Users

To start communicating with other users, you first need to get your personal profile in order. After that you will understand everything very quickly, because the interface is very simple and well designed.

To start communicating with other users, you first need to get your personal profile in order. After that, you will understand everything very quickly because the interface is very simple and well designed. Click “search” and you will see icons with pictures of other men in front of you.

ManHunt – Messages

Here you can choose filters and search options to meet the right partner for your age. If you go directly to the other person’s profile, you will see a “write” or “start a chat” button. Clicking it will take you into the dialogue. From now on you can get to know each other. Write some kind of greeting, send a smiley face, and wait for a response.

Users Profiles on ManHunt

When you get to another user’s profile, the first thing you see is their picture. This is great because you can get a good look at his face and see if he looks appealing to you.

Below that is his age and where he lives (country, city). Also, thanks to the small green circle in the photo you can see if this user is online or not, as well as know the time when he was last online. In general, the design of the profiles is made very concise and neat. There are no pretentious details that distract attention.

ManHunt – User Profile

There is also a function called “nearby” which shows you users who are in your immediate vicinity, of course, we are talking about a  location. Each questionnaire has a brief description of the person, their personality traits or other information. This is done so that you can immediately understand whether you have something in common with this man.

ManHunt Features

One of the main features of this app is that ManHunt users have a wide selection of men from different countries, which makes it possible to establish international homosexual contacts and create marriages.

Manhunt – Features

This promotes global acceptance and tolerance of homosexual men. The site also has additional features, they are also called VIP services, which are paid, but they give you more features of the site. Thousands of men speak of this platform with warmth and gratitude, because many have found their love only thanks to it. Many men finally got rid of loneliness and found inner freedom. 

ManHunt Opportunities

ManHunt dating app opens up a lot of opportunities and chances for gay men. This site is equipped with so many advantages that you will not find on other internet sites. First, you can leave sympathy for the men you like.

Also, you can check who has looked at your profile and who likes you. This is very convenient, don’t you agree? You can upload up to 16 photos to the free version of the site and also use the photo editor.

Searching for a partner around the world is now much easier. You also have the ability to share your geolocation with another person. There is a list of buddies or favorites, to which they add those with whom they interact most often. There is also the opposite of a buddy list, a blacklist or ban list. Unwanted users and those who violate the site’s rules are added there. 

ManHunt Premium Features

For access to the best and most advanced services on the site, you are encouraged to purchase a VIP package to enhance your social and dating experience.

By purchasing it, you get the opportunity to view the profiles of other users on an unlimited amount on a daily basis. You will also be able to zoom in on profile pictures and view their details. Unlimited chat is a very valuable advantage because if we are strongly interested in a person, we do not want to put him down for a minute.

If you wrote and sent a message and then regretted it, you get a chance to delete it before the user reads it. This is very advantageous and useful in some situations. In addition, you get rid of intrusive and annoying ads, as well as additional photo editing tools. Is ManHunt worth it? It’s up to you, but we’re sure that the site is fully justified by your expenses on it.

ManHunt Prices & Costs

As for the prices on the site, they are low enough that everyone can afford to buy additional services.  A one-month subscription costs just $4.99 USD. The site often offers discounts, so you can buy a longer subscription for a nice price. 

User’s Data Safety & Anti-Scam on ManHunt

To protect user data from the actions of fraudsters and viruses, the site created a careful moderation of profiles and their regular verification. There is a list of rules that everyone should adhere to.

It is forbidden to use fake names and other people’s photos, pretending to be someone else. The administration is always in touch with you to solve your problems. If you receive threatening messages, spam, or illegal files, the administrators will do everything possible to deactivate the offender. Your data is in safe hands!

ManHunt FAQ

Can I send an unlimited number of messages?

Yes, but this option will be available only after you buy a VIP package.

Why can’t I see user photos?

Most likely, you have problems with your Internet connection or the site is under maintenance

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