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There’s fairly a big number of websites that start filling up the gay dating segment of the Internet. After all, the world is becoming more acceptant and tolerant, so overall – a better place for everyone to fit in. As a result, it also translates into more services becoming available not only for heterosexual couples to find each other but also for the gay community out there.

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Today we take a deeper look into one of the comparatively popular resources for building your perfect gay relationship online – ManPlay. There’s a lot of different opinions about this website among those who are more experienced in gay dating online, whether it’s about commitment and true love or just having fun, no strings attached.

So is ManPlay worth it? We’ll see and let you know what it’s about, whether you should consider paying or its services or even paying attention to it.

How To Sign Up ManPlay

While it’s not, for better or not, available in all countries, you can sign up to ManPlay by going to their website and completing a few standard steps of registration. There’s no way of seeing the list of ManPlay users without it, you can only see the welcoming page and the usual overview of the service’s features.

ManPlay – Sign Up

You need to put up your username and your email address so that the website can verify it by sending a confirmation link. You don’t need to use your real name, however, if you want to, you can surely do it. The process of registration takes just up to 5-10 minutes max and after that, you become a full-fledged member of the community.

Then you need to complete your profile, and there are many fields for you to fill out, but it’s obviously not strictly required. You can specify your preferences, your experience, moral principles, and your background, even your zodiac sign. The more information you give, the more personal you can get with a stranger that you like. Granted, of course, that you don’t mind becoming soulmates with them. If you are looking for hookups, you might be more interested in uploading a good picture of yourself.

ManPlay – Register Form

Ways To Communicate With Other Users?

We might go ahead a little too early by saying it, but the system of interaction between users is one of ManPlay’s greatest advantages. The ways of communication are all listed out when you visit someone’s profile. After you finish filling out your profile information, you can start scrolling through your potential gay buddies. 

First, try using the advanced search in order to eliminate those who are definitely not suitable for you for different reasons: from their lifestyle to appearance features that you don’t want to see. There’s no judgment here, everyone has their right to pick a perfect partner, even when the number is limited.

ManPlay – How To Fin A Gay Guys

You can send the people you like emails, welcoming them to start a conversation first or send them a friend request. You can play with them a little and send a virtual gift without saying anything, but they will know you are flirting. Another unique option is for those who like to be rather straightforward – you can ask the guy to meet in person with just one button click.

Users Profiles on ManPlay

On your profile, you can see the recent activity your account has, like friend requests, messages, gifts, and even visitors. Keep in mind that other ManPlay users have access to this feature too, so your view of their profile will be visible as well. 

ManPlay – Guys

If you are a premium user, you can also have access to all the features that the community section has – chat rooms and message boards, just like on old-school websites. This is also a con because the site can be considered a little outdated. 

When scrolling through users’ accounts, you might find that some photos can be locked to prevent you from viewing, that’s when you can request the viewing from that user. You should also be aware that nudity is not prohibited on the website, so it’s rather not oriented towards a family-friendly audience. 

ManPlay Features

It was mentioned before, that there are some features that come for free and some not. Still, your experience can be comparatively sufficient even without the paid options if you come just once in a while to look around.

However, if you are more into pro dating or finding yourself a man who will definitely suit your preferences and expectations, there’s a point in going for a premium version on one of the gay dating services. ManPlay reviews say that you can use the feature of Auto-Match, for example, if you are not into searching for a man with advanced search through different categories. The system can automatically suggest a match for you based solely on the answers you give while filling out the registration form.

Free ManPlay Features

With ManPlay you can scroll through users’ profiles for free, however, you should register yourself to do it. You have limited messaging ability, though you can send some emails. The service operates on a usual model were in order for you to actually make use of your experience, you need to pay. And there are two ways for you to choose from.

ManPlay Premium Features

With a Tier 1 subscription called Silver you get access to all the users’ profiles and messaging them freely. You can reply to all the messages you receive and you get access to the community of members. There’s also a messaging chat available and you get a 100-day guarantee.

The second Tier subscription is called Gold and you can be the top listed in all searches, be featured on All Search results and you get access to members’ intimate videos and webcams, plus all the features that come with the Silver subscription, so there’s that!

ManPlay Prices And Costs

Your Silver membership trial will cost you $1.95 for 3 days, then $19.98 per month in a 3-month plan in one payment of $59.95 and $29.95 per month if you decide to be billed monthly.

The more advanced Gold membership is $12.50 per month in a 12-month plan billed at once for $149.99, $23.32 per month in a 3-month plan in one payment of $69.95 and $34.95 per month if you go for a monthly option.

Users’ Data Safety And Anti-Scam on ManPlay

For a website that’s allowing nudity and other sensitive content from their users, you may feel like they lack a bit of attention to safety. There’s still email verification and a limitation for those who used a free version, so at least you know that your nudes will be seen by those who have the money to pay for it themselves. Therefore, there’s a lesser chance that they will be scammers.

You should still be careful and mind the standard Internet security etiquette as well as keeping yourself safe in the outer world as ManPlay service allows you to go out with strangers in your area with just a few clicks. 

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