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PlanetRomeo: Editor’s View

Every homosexual is once faced with the choice of an online dating website. This is the perfect community for gay, bisexual and transgender people. All conditions are created here for comfortable and adequate communication without harassment, discrimination, and bullying.

PlanetRomeo – Logo

People freely exchange opinions and their preferences of an intimate nature. Thousands of sexual minorities have already built strong love relationships thanks to this site. Everything here serves the users’ needs, well-being, and convenience.

Our PlanetRomeo review will open up the world of online dating for unusual people for you. If you are still single and afraid of being judged for your orientation, this app is just for you. If PlanetRomeo reviews on other sites haven’t yet convinced you to create an account on this site, we really hope we can. Now let’s take a closer look at all the features.

How to Sign Up PlanetRomeo

There is nothing easier for the modern man than to create another account on a dating site. We are so used to these actions that we do it literally automatically. There is nothing easier for the modern man than to create another account on a dating site.

PlanetRomeo – Sign Up

We are so used to these actions that we do it literally automatically. As you already know, you need to come up with a username, it is better to specify your real name, so as not to arouse suspicion of the site moderators.

Then you write your email address and come up with a complex and secure password. For those who have a Facebook profile, it is possible to create a new account using it. It is convenient and quick if you really prefer this social network. 

Ways to Communicate with Other Users

Communication on this site is built on the same principle as on other sites. First, you need to make a PlanetRomeo log in, and then you can start searching for potential partners. You can communicate simultaneously with several users, it does not oblige you to anything. On the top bar, you will find the ranking, where the most popular and active users who get the most likes are placed.

PlanetRomeo – Users

You, too, have a good chance of making it to the top if you are a regular visitor to the site. To write to a man you like, you can start by creating a mysterious intrigue. Send him a sympathy, if you get something in response, it means he likes you too, you can start a correspondence. 

Chat is very simple. It has extra gizmos to brighten up awkward silences or express your emotions, there are emojis and emoticons for that. You can also send pictures. If you want, you can move your communication to another messenger or social network. 

Users Profiles on PlanetRomeo

The whole concept of the site is arranged so that you can immediately get all the information you want. It’s convenient, you don’t have to correspond with a person for a long time to find out about his preferences and hobbies, everything can be shown directly in your profile.

PlanetRomeo – App

You can specify your physical parameters, height, weight, as well as descriptions of your appearance and its features. For example, eye, hair, or skin color.  Relationship status, nationality, and purpose of being on the site are also indicated.

A very interesting feature is that you can even write about the presence of tattoos on your body. These are very important clarifications because everyone’s tastes are different and we are better to know in advance about some features and traits. 

PlanetRomeo Features

It is worth mentioning that this website is not only for gays, bisexuals can also find their love here, these are people who can love both men and women. Some experts believe that this is an innate trait, while others are sure that it is acquired in the process of life.

 Nevertheless, countless scientific articles have been written on the subject. When discussing the sexual preferences of these types of people, we must remember that not all people are tolerant of LGBT people.

PlanetRomeo – Profile

 Unfortunately, today there are still communities where gays are humiliated, persecuted, and even killed. PlanetRomeo is like a cozy island in a raging sea of hatred, where unhappy and oppressed people can find peace and feel safe. 

PlanetRomeo Opportunities

PlanetRomeo users know that only here can they fully realize their desires. This site gives everyone the opportunity to open up a new side and loosen up. The greatest value is freedom of choice and speech.

Here you get both. No one restricts you in communication, as long as you follow the rules and don’t touch on forbidden topics. Using search filters narrows it down, it makes it easier for you to find a partner. The correspondence takes place in a well-designed chat room with simple functions.

Everything is done to ensure that you get the most out of the conversation and have the best possible experience. It is also possible to purchase additional services that give you new opportunities for more advanced users. 

PlanetRomeo Premium Features

If you want to stay at the top and get the most opportunities, you are recommended to buy a VIP package. It frees you from ads, finally, you get rid of annoying messages.

It also unlocks the function of viewing visitors to your profile. A very nice bonus will be the ability to view other people’s profiles anonymously, we know you like to spy on cute users. Most limits are removed and all basic and additional functions are optimized. 

PlanetRomeo Prices & Costs

The pricing policy of the site is very democratic and allows everyone to join the full list of services. One month of Premium is 10.11 USD, the price for three months is approximately 24.00 USD. An annual premium costs about 68.00 USD. Is PlanetRomeo worth it? We think it certainly is, but you have the last word.

PlanetRomeo – Prices

User’s Data Safety & Anti-Scam on PlanetRomeo

Many sites are subject to hacker attacks and leaks of personal information from users. In addition, online dating sites are also being targeted by scammers. The administration of the site takes care to save your data, so all users go through a thorough moderation.

In addition, chat rooms are monitored to make sure there are no calls to violence or distribution of forbidden information. You can always complain about a suspicious account, moderators will consider your complaint and make a decision, which will be aimed at maintaining the safety and privacy of users.

PlanetRomeo – Gays Kissing

The site is also regularly checked for spam, and if spam is detected, it is promptly removed. So, PlanetRomeo’s dating site is really responsible and reliable media space.

PlanetRomeo FAQ

If I can’t pay for premium services all the time, can I unsubscribe?

Yes, of course, after the end of the subscription period, you can no longer buy premium.

What if a suspicious person writes to me?

Do not worry, inform the site administration about it.

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