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The majority of Taimi users are satisfied with their dating experience on the app, according to online reviews
Taimi publishes useful gay dating tips, articles and guides for free
Subscription costs are affordable and there are flexible options available– weekly, monthly, annually, etc.
Their LGBTQ+ audience is very active and friendly, making it easy to make connections
The experience is high-quality – website interface, divergence of users, communication features
Taimi app is only gaining popularity, so their user base might be not as big
The subscription price is small only when you are purchasing it annually
Taimi is not suitable for hook-ups
Taimi reviews point out people get banned often without a reason
The audience is mostly young, therefore not many options for for mature singletons

Taimi: Editor’s View

The online dating app market is quite densely saturated these days, yet, finding the service that would tick all the boxes is rather difficult. It is especially challenging if your dating preferences appear to be unconventional for regular people. Applications that cater to the general public seem to be trying to please everyone. However, having this approach discourages providing equally good matchmaking assistance to all groups of singletons. Love takes all forms and shapes, therefore, there isn’t a universal algorithm that would work for everyone.

Taimi – Logo

According to dating experts and competent users, the best way to spot the best gay dating apps is by reading user reviews online. People tend to be honest about their experience with a dating website and its services. On top of that, the online gay community is always open to give advice and share useful tips and important information about service quality.

Taimi – Main Page

There are several good-quality gay dating sites, but Taimi appears to be at the top of the user review ranks. The LGBTQ+ community is actively subscribing to the platform and sharing it with their friends. According to evaluation and Taimi reviews of experts, Taimi brings together a great, active audience with user convenience, which is difficult to see in any other app or website. Keep reading to find out why everyone is so excited and is Taimi actually worth it?

How to sign up Taimi

From the very first moment after downloading the Taimi dating app you can feel its usability. The sign-in process is quick and effortless. Users are given two options of registration: fill in a brief questionnaire or use social media platforms for fast registration. If you link your social profiles, the app will automatically pull out all the required information. In case you prefer to do it the old-fashioned way, there will be a few bits of basic information that you will need to insert, including email address, user name, date of birth, and location.

Taimi – Registration

The app will also ask you to enter information into your bio, which will help other users get to know you better. It is your choice what tagline you want to pick for your bio, however, Taimi dating experts insist users add at least a few words about them to improve their match selection process.

Way to communicate with other users?

Developers of the app were thoughtful about their users and selected the most fun and effective communication tools that exist nowadays. Taimi users can exchange messages with anyone on the platform, as long as they are mutually matched with each other.

Taimi – Messages / Chat

Speak with anyone who likes your page and you like them back. You are the one choosing how long you want to keep chatting to your potential suitors before taking the relationship one step further and meeting in person. Therefore, there are no restrictions on the length of your online communication.

If you start feeling like the basic gay chat feature is not quite enough, there is a bunch of premium features you can utilize too! For instance, by purchasing extra services, Taimi users can send chat requests to people outside of their mutual matches.

Users profile on Taimi

High-quality user profiles are one of the greatest advantages of the Taimi dating site. A lot of young adults use their gay teen chart, so the platform worked extra hard to ensure the profile interface looks modern.

Gay mock
Taimi – Users Profiles

Browsing gay men profiles is free and unlimited. The majority of profiles have photographs, which are also available for everyone to see for free. The way each user profile is structured is straightforward. It takes only a few seconds to extract all the necessary information about each person. Find out everything you need about a potential suitor, see their photographs and decide whether they are worth hitting on.

Taimi Features

Our gay matchmaking platform offers a number of unique features that you won’t be able to find any other gay chat. Starting from the possibility to see photographs of men for free and finishing with choosing bedroom preferences.

Taimi – Features

Despite having a very large young audience, Taimi is dedicated to preventing any underaged individuals from using their services, therefore, strictly check each subscriber. All singletons who comply with the platform’s regulations are free to join and engage in endless joyful conversations with potential users of any preference.

We understand that people might have different needs at different times, therefore, created a website and an equally convenient application. It is available to be downloaded free of charge on all iOS and Android devices. With Taimi, a convenient time to find your gay soulmate is always!

Free Taimi Opportunities

As has been already discussed above, there are plenty of free features on Taimi. After downloading the application, you can simply log in to your profile and begin looking for the perfect soulmate. Search according to specified preferences or let the app pick singletons with the highest compatibility with you, view their photographs, and exchange quick messages in gay chat rooms if your sympathy is mutual.

Taimi – Free Opportunities

Taimi Premium Features

Once you get acquainted with Taimi’s basic features and get ready to become a premium subscriber, there are plenty of possibilities awaiting. Premium users are able to retrieve old matches, in case they unmatched someone and then change their minds. You are also able to attract more views to your profile when you feel it’s been too long since your last date!

Taimi Prices & Costs

Taimi app’s pricing strategy is perfect in satisfying all sorts of customers. Their offerings are very diverse and allow users to purchase from as little as a seven-day subscription to an annual one. It’s just ideal for both newbies playing around with the app and professionals of online dating.

User`s Data Safety & Anti-Scam On Taimi

Taimi service is dedicated to discreet gay dating, therefore, require their users to enter only truthful information about themselves. The service treats very seriously harassment, scam, and protects the safety of the personal information of their clients. Report any suspicious behavior to the website’s customer service and they will investigate every single case.

Taimi FAQ

Is it possible to delete my Taimi account?

Of course! If you finally manage to find a serious relationship or need a break from dating, there are two options for how you can deactivate your Tiami account: disable it or delete it completely. When you disable your account, it is put on pause, meaning you can restore and keep using it at any time. And when you delete it, your account will be gone forever.

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